Prof. Rob Ivison

Personal Chair in Astrophysics
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+44 (0)131 668 8361
Institute for Astronomy, Royal Observatory, Blackford Hill, Edinburgh, EH9 3HJ, United Kingdom

Research interests

I study the formation and evolution of galaxies, specialising in observations at far-infrared, submillimetre and radio wavelengths. I currently lead science projects with the National Radio Astronomy Observatory's Jansky Very Large Array (VLA) near Socorro in New Mexico, the Institut de Radioastronomie Millimetrique's Plateau de Bure Interferometer (PdBI) near Grenoble in France and the Giant Metre-wave Radio Telescope (GMRT), near Pune in India. I also co-lead a European Space Agency proposal to construct and launch FIRI, a far-infrared telescope mission, designed to yield considerably better spatial resolution than has hitherto been possible.


Observational Astronomy with undergrads and MPhys students, exploiting a new Meade 0.5m.

Research outputs

  1. Far-infrared Herschel SPIRE spectroscopy of lensed starbursts reveals physical conditions of ionized gas DOI
    Zhi Yu Zhang, R. J. Ivison, R. D. George, Yinghe Zhao, L. Dunne, R. Herrera-Camus, A. J.R. Lewi, Daizhong Liu, D. Naylor, Iván Oteo et al., Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, 481, 1 , p. 59-97 (2018)
  2. The causes of the red sequence, the blue cloud, the green valley, and the green mountain DOI
    Stephen A. Eales, Maarten Baes, Nathan Bourne, Malcolm Bremer, Michael J.I. Brown, Christopher Clark, David Clements, Pieter de Vis, Simon Driver, Loretta Dunne et al., Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, 481, 1 , p. 1183-1194 (2018)
  3. A Magnified View of Circumnuclear Star Formation and Feedback around an Active Galactic Nucleus at z = 2.6 DOI
    J. E. Geach, R. J. Ivison, S. Dye and I. Oteo, Astrophysical Journal Letters, 866, 1 (2018)
  4. AzTEC 1.1 mm observations of high-z protocluster environments DOI
    M. Zeballos, I. Aretxaga, D. H. Hughes, A. Humphrey, G. W. Wilson, J. Austermann, J. S. Dunlop, H. Ezawa, D. Ferrusca, B. Hatsukade et al., Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, 479, 4 , p. 4577-4632 (2018)
  5. An ALMA survey of CO in submillimetre galaxies DOI
    J. L. Wardlow, J. M. Simpson, Ian Smail, A. M. Swinbank, A. W. Blain, W. N. Brandt, S. C. Chapman, Chian Chou Chen, E. A. Cooke, H. Dannerbauer et al., Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, 479, 3 , p. 3879-3891 (2018)
  6. Flat Rotation Curves Found in Merging Dusty Starbursts at z = 2.3 through Tilted-ring Modeling DOI
    Rui Xue, Hai Fu, Jacob Isbell, R. J. Ivison, Asantha Cooray and Iván Oteo, Astrophysical Journal Letters, 864, 1 (2018)
  7. The CO Luminosity Density at High-z (COLDz) Survey DOI
    Riccardo Pavesi, Chelsea E. Sharon, Dominik A. Riechers, Jacqueline A. Hodge, Roberto Decarli, Fabian Walter, Chris L. Carilli, Emanuele Daddi, Ian Smail, Mark Dickinson et al., Astrophysical Journal, 864, 1 (2018)
  8. Ultra-red Galaxies Signpost Candidate Protoclusters at High Redshift DOI
    A. J. R. Lewis, R. J. Ivison, P. N. Best, J. M. Simpson, A. Weiss, I. Oteo, Z.-Y. Zhang, V. Arumugam, M. N. Bremer, S. C. Chapman et al., Astrophysical Journal, 862, 2 , p. 96 (2018)
  9. A Machine-learning Method for Identifying Multiwavelength Counterparts of Submillimeter Galaxies DOI
    Fang Xia An, S. M. Stach, Ian Smail, A. M. Swinbank, O. Almaini, C. Simpson, W. Hartley, D. T. Maltby, R. J. Ivison, V. Arumugam et al., Astrophysical Journal, 862, 2 (2018)
  10. ALMA 26 Arcmin2 Survey of GOODS-S at One Millimeter (ASAGAO) DOI
    Seiji Fujimoto, Masami Ouchi, Kotaro Kohno, Yuki Yamaguchi, Bunyo Hatsukade, Yoshihiro Ueda, Takatoshi Shibuya, Shigeki Inoue, Taira Oogi, Sune Toft et al., Astrophysical Journal, 861, 1 (2018)
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