Dr. Nigel Hambly

Senior Researcher
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+44 (0)131 668 8234
Institute for Astronomy, Royal Observatory, Blackford Hill, Edinburgh, EH9 3HJ, United Kingdom

Research interests

I am the IfA Wide Field Astronomy Units's science archive architect, and an experienced survey astronomer and survey software developer. Both the SuperCOSMOS Science Archive and the WFCAM Science Archive systems were designed by me. I have much experience in managing small research and development teams for both hardware and software processing and archiving systems. I am also a member of the European Space Agency's Gaia mission Data Processing and Analysis Consortium.

My personal astronomy research interest is in very low luminosity degenerate stars, that is white dwarfs and brown dwarfs. Because these objects are rare, cool and faint, their detection requires access to panoramic deep survey datasets in the optical and infrared. Hence my work in survey astronomy for the scientific community enables me to pursue this personal research interest.

Research outputs

  1. Gaia Data Release 2
    D. Katz, P. Sartoretti, M. Cropper, P. Panuzzo, G. M. Seabroke, Y. Viala, K. Benson, R. Blomme, G. Jasniewicz, A. Jean-Antoine et al., Astronomy & Astrophysics (2018)
  2. The Age of the Galactic Stellar Halo from Gaia White Dwarfs DOI
    Mukremin Kilic, P. Bergeron, Kyra Dame, N. C. Hambly, N. Rowell and Courtney L. Crawford, Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society (2018)
  3. The White Dwarf Luminosity Functions from the Pan-STARRS 1 3π Steradian Survey DOI
    Marco C. Lam, Nigel C. Hambly, Nicholas Rowell, Kenneth C. Chambers, Bertrand Goldman, Klaus W. Hodapp, Nick Kaiser, Rolf-Peter Kudritzki, Eugene A. Magnier, John L. Tonry et al., Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society (2018)
  4. Gaia reveals evidence for merged white dwarfs DOI
    Mukremin Kilic, N. C. Hambly, P. Bergeron, C. Genest-Beaulieu and N. Rowell, Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society: Letters, 479, 1 (2018)
  5. Gaia Data Release 2 DOI
    M. Riello, F. De Angeli, D. W. Evans, G. Busso, N. C. Hambly, M. Davidson, P. W. Burgess, P. Montegriffo, P. J. Osborne, A. Kewley et al., Astronomy & Astrophysics, 616 (2018)
  6. Gaia Data Release 2. Kinematics of globular clusters and dwarf galaxies around the Milky Way DOI
    Gaia Collaboration, A. Helmi, F. van Leeuwen, D. Massari, T. Antoja, A. C. Robin, L. Lindegren, U. Bastian, F. Arenou, C. Babusiaux et al., Astronomy & Astrophysics, 616 (2018)
  7. Gaia Data Release 2. Mapping the Milky Way disc kinematics DOI
    Gaia Collaboration, D. Katz, T. Antoja, M. Romero-Gómez, R. Drimmel, C. Reylé, G. M. Seabroke, C. Soubiran, C. Babusiaux, P. Di Matteo et al., Astronomy & Astrophysics, 616 (2018)
  8. Gaia Data Release 2. Observational Hertzsprung-Russell diagrams DOI
    Gaia Collaboration, C. Babusiaux, F. van Leeuwen, M. A. Barstow, C. Jordi, A. Vallenari, D. Bossini, A. Bressan, T. Cantat-Gaudin, M. van Leeuwen et al., Astronomy & Astrophysics, 616 (2018)
  9. Gaia Data Release 2. Observations of solar system objects DOI
    Gaia Collaboration, F. Spoto, P. Tanga, F. Mignard, J. Berthier, B. Carry, A. Cellino, A. Dell'Oro, D. Hestroffer, K. Muinonen et al., Astronomy & Astrophysics, 616 (2018)
  10. Gaia Data Release 2. Processing the spectroscopic data DOI
    Gaia Collaboration, P. Sartoretti, D. Katz, M. Cropper, P. Panuzzo, G. M. Seabroke, Y. Viala, K. Benson, R. Blomme, G. Jasniewicz et al., Astronomy & Astrophysics, 616 (2018)
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