Prof. Kishan Dholakia

Research Theme:
Condensed Matter and Photonics
Research Group:
St. Andrews
Email address:
Telephone number:
+44 (0)1334 463184
School of Physics & Astronomy, Physical Science Building, North Haugh, St Andrews, KY16 9SS, United Kingdom


I am very passionate about teaching and innovation in communicating science. I deliver two lecture courses with colleagues at St Andrews, each of which i instigated, namely "Biophotonics" and "Applications of Quantum Physics". I have also designed and implemented optical trapping systems for the undergraduate and Masters Course laboratories.I also undertake various tutorials and postgraduate teaching activities

Research outputs

  1. Wide-field multiphoton imaging with TRAFIX DOI
    Adrià Escobet-Montalbán, Philip Wijesinghe, Mingzhou Chen, Kishan Dholakia, Ammasi Periasamy (Editor), Peter T. C. So (Editor) and Karsten König (Editor), : Proceedings of SPIE, p. 49 (2019)
  2. Light sheet microscopy with acoustic sample confinement DOI
    Zhengyi Yang, Katy L.H. Cole, Yongqiang Qiu, Ildiko Maureen Lara Somorjai, Philip Wijesinghe, Jonathan Nylk, Sandy Cochran, Gabriel C. Spalding, David A. Lyons and Kishan Dholakia, Nature Communications, 10 (2019)
  3. Spatially offset optical coherence tomography: enhancing image contrast at depth
    Mingzhou Chen, Philip Wijesinghe, Josep Mas Soler, Peter E. Andersen and Kishan Dholakia, Nature Photonics (2018)
  4. Three-photon light-sheet fluorescence microscopy DOI
    Adria Escobet Montalban, Federico M. Gasparoli, Jonathan Nylk, Pengfei Liu, Zhengyi Yang and Kishan Dholakia, Optics Letters, 43, 21 , p. 5484-5487 (2018)
  5. Photopolymerization with light fields possessing orbital angular momentum: Generation of helical microfibers DOI
    Junhyung Lee, Yoshihiko Arita, Shunsuke Toyoshima, Katsuhiko Miyamoto, Paris Panagiotopoulos, Ewan Wright, Kishan Dholakia and Takashige Omatsu, ACS Photonics, 5, 10 , p. 4156-4163 (2018)
  6. Wide-field multiphoton imaging through scattering media without correction DOI
    Adrià Escobet-Montalbán, Roman Spesyvtsev, Mingzhou Chen, Wardiya Afshar Saber, Melissa Andrews, C. Simon Herrington, Michael Mazilu and Kishan Dholakia, Science Advances, 4, 10 (2018)
  7. The temperature of an optically trapped, rotating microparticle DOI
    Paloma Rodriguez Sevilla, Yoshihiko Arita, Xiaogang Liu, Daniel Jaque and Kishan Dholakia, ACS Photonics, 5, 9 , p. 3772-3778 (2018)
  8. Optical binding of two cooled micro-gyroscopes levitated in vacuum DOI
    Yoshihiko Arita, Ewan Malcolm Wright and Kishan Dholakia, Optica, 5, 8 , p. 910-917 (2018)
  9. Light sheet fluorescence microscopy for neuroscience DOI
    Stella Corsetti, Frank Gunn-Moore and Kishan Dholakia, Journal of Neuroscience Methods, In press (2018)
  10. Optical trapping with planar silicon metalenses DOI
    Georgiy Tkachenko, Daan Stellinga, Andrei Ruskuc, Mingzhou Chen, Kishan Dholakia and Thomas F. Krauss, Optics Letters, 43, 14 , p. 3224-3227 (2018)
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