Dr. Jochen Arlt

COSMIC RF and Lab Manager
Research Theme:
Condensed Matter and Photonics
Research Group:
Email address:
Telephone number:
+44 (0)131 650 5121
School of Physics and Astronomy, James Clerk Maxwell Building, Peter Guthrie Tait Road, Edinburgh, EH9 3FD, United Kingdom

Research interests

I am lab manager of COSMIC (Collaborative Optical Spectroscopy, Micromanipulation and Imaging Centre, www.cosmic.ed.ac.uk) and also responsible for most of the optical instrumentation within the Soft Condensed Matter group.

Part of my research insterest is focussed on the development and optimisation of optical methods and insrumentation to interrogate biological and soft condensed matter systems. This includes optical tweezers, advanced imaging methods such as flourescence lifetime imaging and coherent anti-Stokes Raman scattering microscopy as well as Dynamic Differential Microscopy.

The second major research interest is the physics of active particles with particular emphasis on motile bacteria.


I am a senior demonstrator for the Junior Honours Experimental Physics Laboratory and typically supervise several experimental Senior Honours Projects.

Research outputs

  1. Tricarbocyanine N-triazoles: The Scaffold-of-Choice for Long-Term Near-Infrared Imaging of Immune Cells in vivo DOI
    Richard Mellanby, Jamie Scott, Iris Mair, Antonio Fernandez Vargas, Louise Saul, Jochen Arlt, Monica Moral and Marc Vendrell Escobar, Chemical Science, 9, 36 , p. 7261-7270 (2018)
  2. Probing the Spatiotemporal Dynamics of Catalytic Janus Particles with Single-Particle Tracking and Differential Dynamic Microscopy DOI
    Christina Kurzthaler, Clémence Devailly, Jochen Arlt, Thomas Franosch, Wilson C. K. Poon, Vincent A. Martinez and Aidan T. Brown, Physical Review Letters, 121, 7 (2018)
  3. Bacteria as living patchy colloids: Phenotypic heterogeneity in surface adhesion DOI
    Teun Vissers, Aidan Brown, Nikolaos Koumakis, Angela Dawson, Michiel Hermes, Jana Schwarz-Linek, Andrew Schofield, Joseph French, Vasileios Koutsos, Jochen Arlt et al., Science Advances (2018)
  4. Painting with light-powered bacteria DOI
    Jochen Arlt, Vincent A. Martinez, Angela Dawson, Teuta Pilizota and Wilson C. K. Poon, Nature Communications, 9, 1 (2018)
  5. In vivo single cell analysis reveals Gata2 dynamics in cells transitioning to hematopoietic fate DOI
    Christina Eich, Jochen Arlt, Chris Vink, Parham Solaimani Kartalaei, Polynikis Kaimakis, Samanta Mariani, Reinier van der Linden, Wiggert A Van Cappellen and Elaine Dzierzak, Journal of Experimental Medicine (2017)
  6. Ureasil organic-inorganic hybrids as photoactive waveguides for conjugated polyelectrolyte luminescent solar concentrators DOI
    Ilaria Meazzini, Camille Blayo, Jochen Arlt, Ana-Teresa Marques, Ullrich Scherf, Hugh D. Burrows and Rachel C. Evans, Materials Chemistry Frontiers, 1, 11 , p. 2271-2282 (2017)
  7. Targeted design leads to tunable photoluminescence from perylene dicarboxdiimide-poly(oxyalkylene)/siloxane hybrids for luminescent solar concentrators DOI
    Ilaria Meazzini, Niamh Willis-Fox, Camille Blayo, Jochen Arlt, Sebastien Clement and Rachel C. Evans, Journal of Materials Chemistry C, 4, 18 , p. 4049-4059 (2016)
  8. Tunable White-Light Emission from Conjugated Polymer-Di-Ureasil Materials DOI
    Niamh Willis-Fox, Mario Kraft, Jochen Arlt, Ullrich Scherf and Rachel C. Evans, Advanced Functional Materials, 26, 4 , p. 532-542 (2016)
  9. Escherichia coli as a model active colloid DOI
    Jana Schwarz-Linek, Jochen Arlt, Alys Jepson, Angela Dawson, Teun Vissers, Dario Miroli, Teuta Pilizota, Vincent A. Martinez and Wilson C K Poon, Colloids and Surfaces B: Biointerfaces, 137, p. 2-16 (2016)
  10. Synergistic photoluminescence enhancement in conjugated polymer-di-ureasil organic-inorganic composites DOI
    Niamh Willis-Fox, Ana-Teresa Marques, Jochen Arlt, Ullrich Scherf, Luis D. Carlos, Hugh D. Burrows and Rachel C. Evans, Chemical Science, 6, 12 , p. 7227-7237 (2015)
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