Prof. Ifor Samuel

Research Theme:
Condensed Matter and Photonics
Research Group:
St. Andrews
Email address:
Telephone number:
+44 (0)1334 463114
School of Physics & Astronomy, Physical Science Building, North Haugh, St Andrews, KY16 9SS, United Kingdom

Research interests

Polymer optoelectronics.

Most polymers, or plastics, are electrical insulators. However there is one class of polymers, known as 'conjugated' polymers which can conduct electricity. These materials are semiconductors, and open new directions in optoelectronics. They combine novel semiconducting electronic properties with the processing flexibility of polymers. When a voltage is applied to them, they emit light, providing an important new display technology that could give flat and even flexible displays. Semiconducting polymers can be used to make field effect transistors, solar cells, and even lasers. In the polymer optoelectronics group we seek to understand the physics of these remarkable materials and devices, with the aim of improving them. The research has both fundamental and applied aspects, and the main activities are: - optical amplifiers - wavelength scale microstructure - new materials - charge transport in LEDs - understanding the light emission process

I am also researching fluorescence and its applications in medicine and biology.

For further information, see the Organic Semiconductor Centre and the Polymer Optoelectronics group website.

Research outputs

  1. Flexible and ultra-lightweight polymer membrane lasers DOI
    Markus Karl, James M. E. Glackin, Marcel Schubert, Nils M. Kronenberg, Graham A. Turnbull, Ifor D. W. Samuel and Malte C. Gather, Nature Communications (2018)
  2. Morphological, chemical, and electronic changes of the conjugated polymer PTB7 with thermal annealing DOI
    Victoria Savikhin, Lethy K. Jagadamma, Lafe J. Purvis, Iain Robertson, Stefan D. Oosterhout, Christopher J. Douglas, Ifor D. W. Samuel and Michael F. Toney, iScience, 2, p. 182-192 (2018)
  3. Engineered exciton diffusion length enhances device efficiency in small molecule photovoltaics DOI
    Muhammad Tariq Sajjad, Oskar Blaszczyk, Lethy Krishnan Jagadamma, Thomas Roland, Mithun Chowdhury, Arvydas Ruseckas and Ifor D. W. Samuel, Journal of Materials Chemistry A, In press (2018)
  4. Exciton-polaron interactions in polyfluorene films with β phase DOI
    F Montilla, Arvydas Ruseckas and Ifor David William Samuel, Journal of Physical Chemistry C (2018)
  5. Carbon‐bridged p‐phenylenevinylene polymer for high‐performance solution‐processed distributed feedback lasers DOI
    Marta Morales‐Vidal, José A. Quintana, José M. Villalvilla, Pedro G. Boj, Hiroki Nishioka, Hayato Tsuji, Eiichi Nakamura, Guy L. Whitworth, Graham A. Turnbull, Ifor D. W. Samuel et al., Advanced Optical Materials, Early View (2018)
  6. An organic vortex laser DOI
    Daan Stellinga, Monika Pietrzyk, James Michael Edward Glackin, Yue Wang, Ashu Kumar Bansal, Graham Alexander Turnbull, Kishan Dholakia, Ifor David William Samuel and T Krauss, ACS Nano, 12, 3 , p. 2389-2394 (2018)
  7. CuSCN nanowires as electrodes for p-type quantum dot sensitized solar cells DOI
    Muhammad Tariq Sajjad, Jinhyung Park, Dorian Gaboriau, Jonathon R. Harwell, Fabrice Odobel, Peter Reiss, Ifor D. W. Samuel and Dmitry Aldakov, Journal of Physical Chemistry C, 122, 9 , p. 5161-5170 (2018)
  8. Ormosil-coated conjugated polymers for the detection of explosives in aqueous environments DOI
    Ross N. Gillanders, Iain A. Campbell, James M. E. Glackin, Ifor D. W. Samuel and Graham Alexander Turnbull, Talanta, 179, p. 426-429 (2018)
  9. Real-time observation of conformational switching in single conjugated polymer chains DOI
    Francisco Tenopala Carmona, Stephanie Fronk, Guillermo C. Bazan, Ifor David William Samuel and Juan Carlos Penedo-Esteiro, Science Advances, 4, 2 (2018)
  10. Flexible glass hybridized colloidal quantum dots for Gb/s visible light communications DOI
    C. Foucher, Mohamed Islim Sufyan, B. Guilhabert, S. Videv, S. Rajbhandari, A. Gomez Diaz, H. Chun, Chiranthika Dimali Amarasinghe Vithanage, Graham Alexander Turnbull, Ifor David William Samuel et al., IEEE Photonics Journal, 10, 1 (2018)
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