Dr. Claudia Lederer-Woods

Research Theme:
Particle and Nuclear Physics
Research Group:
Nuclear Physics
Email address:
(Not provided)
School of Physics and Astronomy, James Clerk Maxwell Building, Peter Guthrie Tait Road, Edinburgh, EH9 3FD, United Kingdom

Research outputs

  1. Approaching the Gamow window with stored ions
    J. Glorius, C. Langer, Z. Slavkovská, L. Bott, C. Brandau, B. Brückner, K. Blaum, X. Chen, S. Dababneh, T. Davinson et al., Physical Review Letters (2019)
  2. Measurement of 73Ge(n,g) cross sections and implications for stellar nucleosynthesis
    Claudia Lederer-Woods and the n_TOF Collaboration, Physics Letters B, 790, p. 458-465 (2019)
  3. Accelerator mass spectrometry measurement of the reaction 35Cl(n,γ)36Cl at keV energies
    Stefan Pavetich, Anton Wallner, Martin Martschini, Shavkat Akhmadaliev, Iris Dillmann, L. Keith Fifield, Shlomi Halfon, Tanja Heftrich, Franz Käppeler, Claudia Lederer et al., Physical Review C (2018)
  4. Cross section measurements of $^{155,157}$Gd(n,$γ$) induced by thermal and epithermal neutrons
    M. Mastromarco, A. Manna, O. Aberle, S. Amaducci, J. Andrzejewski, L. Audouin, M. Bacak, J. Balibrea, M. Barbagallo, F. Becvar et al., European Physical Journal A: Hadrons and Nuclei (2018)
  5. Neutron-induced cross sections From raw data to astrophysical rates DOI
    Rene Reifarth, Philipp Erbacher, Stefan Fiebiger, Kathrin Gobel, Tanja Heftrich, Michael Heil, Franz Käppeler, Nadine Klapper, Deniz Kurtulgil, Christoph Langer et al., European Physical Journal Plus (2018)
  6. 7Be (n ,p ) 7Li Reaction and the Cosmological Lithium Problem: Measurement of the Cross Section in a Wide Energy Range at n_TOF at CERN DOI
    L. Damone, M. Barbagallo, M. Mastromarco, A. Mengoni, L. Cosentino, E. Maugeri, S. Heinitz, D. Schumann, R. Dressler, F. Käppeler et al., Physical Review Letters, 121, 4 , p. 42701 (2018)
  7. Measurement and resonance analysis of the S-33(n,alpha)Si-30 cross section at the CERN n_TOF facility in the energy region from 10 to 300 keV DOI
    n-TOF Collaboration, J. Praena, M. Sabate-Gilarte, José Ramón González Porras, J. M. Quesada, S. Altstadt, J. Andrzejewski, L. Audouin, null Becares, M. Barbagallo et al., Physical Review C, 97, 6 (2018)
  8. High-accuracy determination of the neutron flux in the new experimental area n_TOF-EAR2 at CERN DOI
    M. Sabaté-Gilarte, M. Barbagallo, N. Colonna, F. Gunsing, P. Žugec, V. Vlachoudis, A. Stamatopoulos, J. Lerendegui-Marco, M. A. Cortés-Giraldo, A. Villacorta et al., European physical journal e, 53, 10 (2017)
  9. Precise measurement of the thermal and stellar $^{54}$Fe($n, \gamma$)$^{55}$Fe cross sections via AMS DOI
    Anton Wallner, Tamas Belgya, Kathrin Buczak, Laurent Coquard, Max Bichler, Iris Dillmann, Robin Golser, Franz Käppeler, Amanda Karakas, Walter Kutschera et al., Physical Review C, 96, 2 , p. 25808 (2017)
  10. Proton and α capture studies for nuclear astrophysics at GSI storage rings DOI
    Jan Glorius, C. Langer, Z. Slavkovská, Y. A. Litvinov, R. Reifarth, C. Brandau, Bastian R Brückner, X. Chen, T. Davinson, P. Erbacher et al., Journal of Physics: Conference Series, 875, 10 (2017)
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