Dr. Brian Pendleton

Research Theme:
Particle and Nuclear Physics
Research Group:
Particle Physics Theory
Email address:
Telephone number:
+44 (0)131 650 5241
School of Physics and Astronomy, James Clerk Maxwell Building, Peter Guthrie Tait Road, Edinburgh, EH9 3FD, United Kingdom

Research interests

  • Particle Physics Theory
  • Quantum Field Theory
  • Lattice Field Theory, especially Lattice QCD
  • Algorithms for Lattice Field Theory simulations, especially with fermions
  • BSM/Higgs Physics
  • Higgs Centre for Theoretical Physics (Management Committee)


  • Pre-Honours Vector Calculus - lecturer/tutor
  • Pre-Honours Dynamics and Vector Calculus - course organiser
  • Quantum Theory - lecturer/tutor
  • MPhys project supervisor - Quantum Theory on a Computer
  • MSc Theoretical Physics, MSc Mathematical Physics - programme director
  • Problem Solving in Theoretical Physics - member of course team
  • Mathematics Skills - member of course team
  • Dissertation in Theoretical/Mathematical Physics - course organiser
  • Personal Tutor - Mathematical Physics (mostly)

Research outputs

  1. Continuum Limit Physics from 2+1 Flavor Domain Wall QCD DOI
    Y. Aoki, R. Arthur, T. Blum, P. boyle, D. Brommel, N. christ, C. Dawson, J. flynn, T. Izubuchi, X-Y. Jin et al., Physical Review D, Particles and fields, 83, 7 (2011)
  2. Physical results from 2+1 flavor domain wall QCD and SU(2) chiral perturbation theory DOI
    C. Allton, D. J. Antonio, Y. Aoki, T. Blum, Peter Boyle, N. H. Christ, M. A. Clark, S. D. Cohen, C. Dawson, M. A. Donnellan et al., Physical Review D, Particles and fields, 78, 11 (2008)
  3. Neutral-Kaon Mixing from (2+1)-Flavor Domain-Wall QCD DOI
    D. antonio, P. boyle, T. Blum, N. christ, S. cohen, C. Dawson, T. Izubuchi, R. kenway, C. Jung, S. Li et al., Physical Review Letters, 100, 3 (2008)
  4. Lattice Results for Vector Meson Couplings and Parton Distribution Amplitudes
    D. Antonio, P. A. Boyle, M. A. Donnellan, J. Flynn, A. Juttner, C. Maynard, B. Pendleton, C. T. Sachrajda and R. Tweedie, Proceedings of Science, 2007, LATTICE 200 (2007)
  5. 2+1 flavor domain wall QCD on a (2 fm)^3 lattice DOI
    C. Allton, D. J. Antonio, T. Blum, K. C. Bowler, P. A. Boyle, N. H. Christ, S. D. Cohen, M. A. Clark, C. Dawson, A. Hart et al., Physical Review D, Particles and fields (2007)
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