Research outputs: Dr. Job Thijssen

  1. Thiourea Bismuth Iodide: Crystal structure, Characterization and High Performance as an Electrode Material for Supercapacitors DOI
    Tianyue Li, John Mallows, Keir Adams, Gary S Nichol, Job H. J. Thijssen and Neil Robertson, Batteries & Supercaps (2019)
  2. Particle-Stabilized Janus Emulsions that Exhibit pH-Tunable Stability†
    Tao Li, Andrew Schofield, Ke Chen, Job Thijssen, Jure Dobnikar and Paul Clegg, Chemical Communications (2019)
  3. Facile synthesis and characterization of Bi13S18I2 films as a stable supercapacitor electrode material DOI
    Keir Adams, Alba Franco González, John Mallows, Tianyue Li, Job H. J. Thijssen and Neil Robertson, Journal of materials chemistry a (2019)
  4. Direct transformation of bijels into bicontinuous composite electrolytes using a pre-mix containing lithium salt DOI
    Dongyu Cai, Felix Richter, Job Thijssen, Peter Bruce and Paul Clegg, Materials Horizons, 5, p. 499-505 (2018)
  5. Interfacial rheology of model particles at liquid interfaces and its relation to (bicontinuous) Pickering emulsions DOI
    Job Thijssen and Jan Vermant, Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter, 30 (2017)
  6. Hybrid Electrolytes with 3D Bicontinuous Ordered Ceramic and Polymer Microchannels for All-Solid-State Batteries DOI
    Stefanie Zekoll, Cassian Marriner-Edwards, Ola Hekselman, Jitti Kasemchainan, Christian Kuss, David Armstrong, Dongyu Cai, Robert Wallace, Felix Richter, Job Thijssen et al., Energy & Environmental Science, 11, p. 185-201 (2017)
  7. Interfacial rheology of sterically stabilized colloids at liquid interfaces and its effect on the stability of Pickering emulsions DOI
    Rob Van Hooghten, Victoria Blair, Anja Vananroye, Andrew B Schofield, Jan Vermant and Job Thijssen, Langmuir (2017)
  8. Quantitative Morphological Characterization of Bicontinuous Pickering Emulsions via Interfacial Curvatures DOI
    Matthew Reeves, Kevin Stratford and Job Thijssen, Soft Matter, 12, p. 4082-4092 (2016)
  9. Compressing a spinodal surface at fixed area: bijels in a centrifuge DOI
    Katherine A. Rumble, Job Thijssen, Andrew B Schofield and Paul Clegg, Soft Matter, 12, p. 4375-4383 (2016)
  10. Particle-size effects in the formation of bicontinuous Pickering emulsions DOI
    Matthew Reeves, Aidan Brown, Andrew B Schofield, Michael Cates and Job Thijssen, Physical Review E - Statistical, Nonlinear and Soft Matter Physics, 92 (2015)
  11. Bicontinuous Emulsions Stabilized by Colloidal Particles DOI
    Joe Tavacoli, Job Thijssen and Paul Clegg (2014)
  12. Making non-aqueous high internal phase Pickering emulsions: the influence of added polymer and drying DOI
    Dongyu Cai, Job Thijssen and Paul Clegg, ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, 6, 12 , p. 9214 (2014)
  13. Squeezing particle-stabilized emulsions into biliquid foams – equation of state DOI
    Louison Maurice, Ryan Maguire, Andrew Schofield, Michael Cates, Paul Clegg and Job Thijssen, Soft Matter, 9, 32 , p. 7757-7765 (2013)
  14. Making a Robust Interfacial Scaffold: Bijel Rheology and its Link to Processability DOI
    Matthew Lee, Job Thijssen, Jessica Witt, Paul Clegg and Ali Mohraz, Advanced Functional Materials, 23, 4 , p. 417-423 (2013)
  15. Colloidal particles at the interface between an isotropic liquid and a chiral liquid crystal DOI
    Anne Pawsey, Juho Lintuvuori, Tiffany Wood, Job Thijssen, Davide Marenduzzo and Paul Clegg, Soft Matter, 8, 32 , p. 8422-8428 (2012)
  16. Hindered Coarsening of a Phase-Separating Microemulsion Due to Dispersed Colloidal Particles DOI
    Danielle D. van't Zand, Andrew B. Schofield, Job H. J. Thijssen and Paul S. Clegg, Langmuir, 27, 22 , p. 13436-13443 (2011)
  17. How do (fluorescent) surfactants affect particle-stabilized emulsions? DOI
    Job H. J. Thijssen, Andrew B. Schofield and Paul S. Clegg, Soft Matter, 7, 18 , p. 7965-7968 (2011)
  18. Novel, Robust, and Versatile Bijels of Nitromethane, Ethanediol, and Colloidal Silica: Capsules, Sub-Ten-Micrometer Domains, and Mechanical Properties DOI
    Joe Tavacoli, Job H. J. Thijssen, Andrew B. Schofield and Paul S. Clegg, Advanced Functional Materials, 21, 11 , p. 2020-2027 (2011)
  19. Dynamics of hard sphere suspensions using dynamic light scattering and X-ray photon correlation spectroscopy: Dynamics and scaling of the intermediate scattering function DOI
    Vincent Martinez, Job Thijssen, F. Zontone, W. van Megen and G. Bryant, The Journal of Chemical Physics, 134, 5 (2011)
  20. Particle-stabilized oscillating diver: a self-assembled responsive capsule DOI
    Joe Tavacoli, Job H. J. Thijssen and Paul S. Clegg, Soft Matter, 7, 18 , p. 7969-7972 (2011)
  21. Emulsification in binary liquids containing colloidal particles: a structure-factor analysis DOI
    Job H. J. Thijssen and Paul S. Clegg, Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter, 22, 45 (2010)
  22. Demixing, remixing and cellular networks in binary liquids containing colloidal particles DOI
    Job H. J. Thijssen and Paul S. Clegg, Soft Matter, 6, 6 , p. 1182-1190 (2010)
  23. Fabrication of large binary colloidal crystals with a NaCl structure DOI
    E. C. M. Vermolen, A. Kuijk, L. C. Filion, Michiel Hermes, Job Thijssen, M. Dijkstra and A. van Blaaderen, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 106, 38 , p. 16063-16067 (2009)
  24. Comparing photonic band structure calculation methods for diamond and pyrochlore crystals DOI
    E. C. M. Vermolen, Job Thijssen, A. Moroz, M. Megens and A. van Blaaderen, Optics Express, 17, 9 , p. 6952-6961 (2009)
  25. Self-assembly route for photonic crystals with a bandgap in the visible region DOI
    Antti-Pekka Hynninen, Job H. J. Thijssen, Esther C. M. Vermolen, Marjolein Dijkstra and Alfons Van Blaaderen, Nature Materials, 6, 3 , p. 202-205 (2007)
  26. Characterization of photonic colloidal crystals in real and reciprocal space
    Job Thijssen (2007)
  27. Characterization of photonic colloidal single crystals by microradian X-ray diffraction DOI
    Job H. J. Thijssen, Andrei V. Petukhov, Dannis C. 't Hart, Arnout Imhof, Catharina H. M. van der Werf, Ruud E. I. Schropp and Alfons van Blaaderen, Advanced materials, 18, 13 (2006)
  28. Microradian X-ray diffraction in colloidal photonic crystals DOI
    A V Petukhov, Job Thijssen, D C hart, Arnout Imhof, Alfons van Blaaderen, I P Dolbnya, A Snigirev, A Moussaid and I Snigireva, Journal of Applied Crystallography, 39, 2 , p. 137-144 (2006)
  29. Large-area electric-field-induced colloidal single crystals for photonic applications DOI
    A Yethiraj, Job Thijssen, A Wouterse and A van Blaaderen, Advanced materials, 16, 7 (2004)