Research outputs: Prof. Mark Parsons

  1. Exploiting the Performance Benefits of Storage Class Memory for HPC and HPDA Workflows DOI
    Michele Weiland, Adrian Jackson, Nick Johnson and Mark Parsons, Supercomputing Frontiers and Innovations, 5, 1 , p. 79-94 (2018)
  2. Evaluation Methodology of an NVRAM-based Platform for the Exascale
    Juan F. R. Herrera, Suraj Prabhakaran, Michele Weiland and Mark Parsons, p. 11 (2018)
  3. Resource requirement specification for novel data-aware and workflow-enabled HPC job schedulers
    Emmanouil Farsarakis, Iakovos Panourgias, William Jackson, Juan F. R. Herrera, Michele Weiland and Mark Parsons (2017)
  4. Healthcare Data Safe Havens: Towards a Logical Architecture and Experiment Automation DOI
    Dave Robertson, Fausto Giunchiglia, Stephen Pavis, Ettore Turra, Gabor Bella, Elizabeth Elliot, Andrew Morris, Malcolm Atkinson, Gordon McAllister, Areti Manataki et al., The Journal of Engineering (2016)
  5. Monitoring and evaluating I/O performance of HPC systems
    William Jackson, Michele Weiland, Mark Parsons and Emmanouil Farsarakis (2016)
  6. Parallel Computing: On the Road to Exascale
    Mark Parsons (Editor), Hugh Leather (Editor), Christopher Sawyer (Editor), Gerhard Joubert (Editor) and Frans Peters (Editor), : Advances in Parallel Computing, 27 (2016)
  7. Symposium on experiences of porting and optimising code for Xeon Phi processors DOI
    Adrian Jackson, Michèle Weiland, Mark Parsons and Simon McIntosh-Smith, Advances in Parallel Computing, 27, p. 573 (2016)
  8. Innovative Algorithms for Extreme Scale Computing DOI
    Frédéric Magoulès (Editor), Mark Parsons (Editor) and Lorna Smith (Editor), International Journal of High Performance Computing Applications, 29, 3 , p. 247-248 (2015)
  9. Industrial Use of High-Performance Computing in the United Kingdom
    Mark Parsons and Francis Wray, p. 169-178 (2015)
  10. Feasibility Study of Porting a Particle Transport Code to FPGA DOI
    Iakovos Panourgias, Michele Weiland, Mark Parsons, David Turland, Dave Barrett and Wayne Gaudin, : Theoretical Computer Science and General Issues, p. 139-154 (2015)
  11. Performance and Extension of a Particle Transport Code using Hybrid MPI/OpenMP Programming Models
    Gavin Pringle, Dave Barrett, David Turland, Michele Weiland and Mark Parsons (2015)
  12. The Software Sustainability Institute DOI
    Stephen Crouch, Neil Chue Hong, Simon Hettrick, Michael Jackson, Aleksandra Pawlik, Shoaib Sufi, Les Carr (Editor), David De Roure (Editor), Carole A Goble (Editor) and Mark Parsons (Editor), Computing in science & engineering, 15, 6 , p. 74-80 (2014)
  13. Software in reproducible research: advice and best practice collected from experiences at the collaborations workshop DOI
    Shoaib Sufi, Neil Chue Hong, Simon Hettrick, Mario Antonioletti, Stephen Crouch, Alexander Hay, Devasena Inupakutika, Michael Jackson, Aleksandra Pawlik, John Robinson et al. (2014)
  14. Definition of the DISPEL Language DOI
    Malcolm Atkinson, Robert Baxter, Michelle Galea, Mark Parsons, Peter Brezany, Oscar Corcho, Jano van Hemert and David Snelling, p. 203-236 (2013)
  15. Analytical Platform for Customer Relationship Management DOI
    Maciej Jarka and Mark Parsons, p. 287-300 (2013)
  16. Optimising Euroben kernels on Maxwell
    Mark Parsons, Paul Graham and James Perry, p. 695-718 (2013)
  17. Platforms for Data-Intensive Analysis DOI
    M. Atkinson, R. Baxter, P. Brezany, O. Corcho, M. Galea, M. Parsons, D. Snelling and J. van Hemert, p. 197-201 (2013)
  18. Problem Solving in Data-Intensive Knowledge Discovery DOI
    M. Atkinson, R. Baxter, P. Brezany, O. Corcho, M. Galea, M. Parsons, D. Snelling and J. van Hemert, p. 147-163 (2013)
  19. Sharing and Reuse in Knowledge Discovery DOI
    M. Atkinson, R. Baxter, P. Brezany, O. Corcho, M. Galea, M. Parsons, D. Snelling and J. van Hemert, p. 181-192 (2013)
  20. The Data Bonanza
    Malcolm Atkinson (Editor), Robert Baxter (Editor), Peter Brezany (Editor), Oscar Corcho (Editor), Michelle Galea (Editor), Mark Parsons (Editor), David Snelling (Editor) and Jano van Hemert (Editor), Improving Knowledge Discovery in Science, Engineering, and Business (2013)
  21. The Digital-Data Challenge
    Malcolm Atkinson and Mark Parsons, p. 5-13 (2013)
  22. Large-Scale Data-Intensive Computing
    Mark Parsons (2011)
  23. Data Management. Service Oriented Infrastructures and Cloud Service Platforms for the Enterprise
    Craig Thomson, Kostas Kavoussanakis, Mark Sawyer, George Beckett, Michal Piotrowski, Mark Parsons and Arthur Trew, p. 141 (2010)
  24. FilmGrid: Revolutionising Asset Management in a Film-Oriented Post-Production Environment
    Adrian Mouat, Eilidh Grant, Xu Guo, Howard Price, Charaka Palansuriya, Kostas Kavoussanakis, Lester Dunton, Olaf Wendt, Jon Thompson, Michael Jackson et al. (2008)
  25. Maxwell - 64 FPGA Supercomputer
    Rob Baxter, Stephen Booth, Mark Bull, Geoff Cawood, James Perry, Mark Parsons and Arthur Trew, Engineering Letters, 16, 3 (2008)
  26. OGSA-DAI: Middleware for Data Integration: Selected Applications DOI
    Alistair Grant, Mario Antonioletti, Alastair Hume, Amrey Krause, Bartosz Dobrzelecki, Michael Jackson, Mark Parsons, Malcolm Atkinson and Elias Theocharopoulos (2008)
  27. Maxwell - a 64 FPGA Supercomputer DOI
    Robert Baxter, Stephen Booth, Mark Bull, Arthur Trew, James Perry, Mark Parsons and Alan Simpson, p. 287-294 (2007)
  28. OGSA-DAI 3.0 – The Whats and the Whys
    Mario Antonioletti, Neil Chue Hong, Alastair Hume, Mike Jackson, Kostas Karasavvas, Amy Krause, Jennifer M Schopf, Malcolm Atkinson, Bartosz Dobrzelecki, Malcolm Illingworth et al. (2007)
  29. The FPGA High-Performance Computing Alliance Parallel Toolkit DOI
    Robert Baxter, Alan Simpson, Arthur Trew, Mark Bull, Stephen Booth, James Perry and Mark Parsons, p. 301-310 (2007)
  30. Profiling OGSA-DAI Performance for Common Use Patterns
    B. Dobrzelecki, M. Antonioletti, J. M. Schopf, A. C. Hume, M. Atkinson, N. P. Chue Hong, M. Jackson, K. Karasavvas, A. Krause, M. Parsons et al. (2006)
  31. Cryostat section assay of oestrogen and progesterone receptors in meningiomas
    J W Ironside, R D Battersby, V J Dangerfield, M A Parsons, W R Timperley and J C Underwood, Journal of Clinical Pathology, 39, 1 , p. 44-50 (1986)