Nuclear Physics

Our core activity is nuclear reactions of astrophysical significance, which are critical to the synthesis of the elements in novae and supernovae. We have led experiments using radioactive ion beams at several international laboratories including Argonne National Laboratory (ANL, Chicago), GSI (Germany), TRIUMF (Canada), and CERN-ISOLDE, and have been responsible for the development of new silicon detection systems. Key measurements include a reaction crucial for 26Al production, and the superallowed beta decay of doubly magic 100Sn.

We have performed very low-energy, low cross-section experiments underground at LUNA (Gran Sasso, Italy), and at the Boulby mine. ZEPLIN-III and XENON100 are currently the most sensitive direct dark matter searches using nuclear recoil. We have also completed hadronic and photonuclear studies at Jefferson Lab and MAMI (Mainz), including measurements of beam-spin asymmetries in deeply virtual compton scattering, and neutral pion photoproduction on 12C.

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