Soft Matter, Statistical Physics and Biophysics

Our strategy is to combine experiment, theory and simulation to address the physics of colloidal suspensions, polymers, liquid crystals, multiphase soft solids, and biological many-body systems such as bacteria.

We have pioneered new microscopies to deliver unprecedented statistics for particle trajectories in flowing colloids and motile organisms; discovered exotic colloid-liquid crystal composites; and elucidated the novel properties both of our patented bijels and of blue-phase liquid crystals.

We rigorously address core issues in non-equilibrium statistical physics, and use the resulting insights to understand arrest, glass formation and rheology in soft materials as well as diverse topics ranging from cellular propulsion and bacterial dynamics, to language evolution. We also explore the aggregation and self-assembly of biopolymers at a molecular level, addressing amyloid formation, DNA folding and antimicrobial action.

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