Interdisciplinary research centres

PHYESTA contains several interdisciplinary centres which undertake collaborative research with industry and academia and also provide local research facilities:

  • EPCC (formerly Edinburgh Parallel Computing Centre) is largely funded through collaborative projects that research the application of novel high-performance computing (HPC) techniques. It houses the most powerful HPC facilities of any European university, and these are used by all research areas in Physics and other numerically-intensive scientific fields.
  • The Centre for Science in Extreme Conditions (CSEC) is a collaborative research centre spanning Condensed Matter Physics, Chemistry, Engineering and Geosciences.
  • The recently established Centre for Astrobiology is affiliated to the NASA Astrobiology Institute and has research links to Astronomy, Condensed Matter, Geosciences and the Life Sciences.
  • Also recently established is the Higgs Centre for Theoretical Physics, linking all areas of Theoretical Physics research, including Particle Physics, Condensed Matter and Cosmology.
  • The Organic Semiconductor Centre (OSC) provides facilities for the fabrication and testing of organic optoelectronic materials and devices including several evaporators, glove boxes, pulsed laser systems, and a spectroscopic ellipsometer.
  • We enjoy close research links to the STFC-funded UK Astronomy Technology Centre (UKATC), located at the Royal Observatory Edinburgh, which is the national centre for the design and construction of astronomical instruments.
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