PHYESTA was founded in 2010 to combine two of Scotland's leading Physics and Astronomy departments into a single world-class research centre. We have a common research vision and share facilities and postgraduate training.

Our vibrant research activity is built upon world-class academic staff, postgraduate research fellows, a large, well-resourced Graduate School and high-class research support facilities and infrastructure, available both internally and externally. Our activities span research, from Cosmology to Particle Physics and from Photonics to Condensed Matter. We are major partners in collaboration with other disciplines and with industry.

PHYESTA builds upon the very successful pan-Scotland SUPA alliance, which provides a unified Graduate School and Knowledge Transfer office.

PHYESTA has already resulted in improved quality of outputs, the recruitment of leading academics and the training of increased numbers of postgraduate students.

Last updated: 05 Jun 2015 at 13:51